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Professional photo shoots: what is the difference anyway?

Once a lady came to me while I was working on a cruise ship as a photographer, and had the smarts to ask me, “How hard could it be? All you do is go click!?” So what is the difference between those who read that statement and were utterly appalled by it, and those whom, are perhaps not phased by the statement at all?

By definition, one is regarded as a professional once payment is received for performing a task.

In my opinion, what sets professionals apart, is skills specifically acquired in the industry and the ability to utilize these skills in practice effectively. Meaning: are you fully aware of what is expected of you. Starting from the very first encounter, when the job was received, all the procedures included up to where the final product is delivered, and the task is fully completed with everyone’s expectations met? Do you understand what it is to capture an event? Did you do the necessary editing? Did you do too much? If you are confident in your abilities and clients are fully satisfied after a job is done. Do you get referred to by clients? Do they make use of you again?

With technology perfecting itself on the go these days. Is it worth investing in a professional?

What makes a professional, in your opinion? Please comment so we can talk about it?


Published by aninalavida

I have been a professional photographer for years now. Although I love the gloss and glamour from nightclub photography, my favourite shoot is definitely still a wedding. All the love, beauty and effort that goes into such extraordinary day. To capture it, to experience it. My passion, acknowledge yours and we work together, perfectly.

One thought on “Professional photo shoots: what is the difference anyway?

  1. People do not just look great naturally. It is up to the professionals to make sure they do look good for that moment at least. If you can instruct and successfully do this without being offensive or offended, you are definitely heading towards professionalism.


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