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Emotionally attached to your images?

Photographers. Have you ever found that while editing a shoot, the images seem like the most beautiful you have ever taken? You have to keep yourself from posting every single one on all social media channels. After some time, however, you go through the images again. Yes, it is pretty, but surely not all that great!

What are this phenomena?

Once I had a person commenting on a shoot I posted on Facebook: “emotional focus.” At first, I was a bit offended. Is this person saying I have my focal point wrong? Can you tell by the images that I was in nothing short of panic that day? (My boyfriend and I had a massive fight earlier that day…) Luckily a few moments later, I got what he was saying. And it is true. I bring out the natural beauty in people during a shoot. I make them feel good, have fun, laugh, if not at me definitely in the situation they are in, in front of a crazy camera person. I capture that moment.

So why do I not feel so strongly for my images sometime after a shoot? As humans, we tend to forget. While the memory is clear, we have every second in our minds of what created that magical beauty that day during the shoot…and then we forget. Something that we know and love tends to represent beauty to us. You love those images because you loved that moment, that shoot, that magic.

…and then you forget…

There is an upside to consider. We as photographers tend to have a special day daily of every shoot we do with passion. The clients, however, experience this event as a single experience. Chances are if you had that moment, so did they. They will cherish it forever. Every time they open that photo book or see that canvas. They will have that moment, forever.

This kinda makes it worth it, right?


Published by aninalavida

I have been a professional photographer for years now. Although I love the gloss and glamour from nightclub photography, my favourite shoot is definitely still a wedding. All the love, beauty and effort that goes into such extraordinary day. To capture it, to experience it. My passion, acknowledge yours and we work together, perfectly.

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