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La Vida Spring photo shoot winners.

For Spring.

So here is the story. I ran a competition on Facebook, the regular like, share, and commend participation required. The competition had a fantastic run!
Great participation. I am thinking to start my Festive Season promotion for a free photo shoot within the next week or so. Please look out for that one, and maybe you are my next winner!

And so a winner was selected, and I could not have been blessed with a more decent group of winners. My winner, Lee-Mare and her boyfriend, although not together for all that long, filled the air with young love on this beautiful Spring day.

Too cute a #couple
Boy and girl.

As I told my models on the day of our shoot: The reason I like shoots so much, is because all time is now they say. The history is only a memory, tomorrow is yet to present itself. The only definite we have is the right here right now. And no matter what may be troubling you, no matter what is going to happen 5 days from now, 5 years from now, or 55 years from now. Right here in this moment the 4 of them are here, together, and this is thus perfect, because there is nothing else- and I get to capture this perfect moment for them. How cool is that?!

The 4 of them.jpg

My pride and joy: look at my twins!


Thank you for a beautiful shoot your guys. All my respect. I do hope you love and enjoy your pics!


Published by aninalavida

I have been a professional photographer for years now. Although I love the gloss and glamour from nightclub photography, my favourite shoot is definitely still a wedding. All the love, beauty and effort that goes into such extraordinary day. To capture it, to experience it. My passion, acknowledge yours and we work together, perfectly.

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